Why you should never stop learning


I've always felt that it is very important to keep your brain active in learning new things. There's a saying that says if we stop changing we die. There is a lot of truth to this. Every living organism has to under go change and growth constantly or else it ceases to live. If we aren't encouraging ourselves to grow, we might be encouraging ourselves to die.


Lately I've found myself researching all sorts of things. I took an online hand-lettering class not too long ago and learned a lot about fancy writing. I've read several books about alternate societies, and recently I've gotten into the documentary section of Netflix which has opened doors to sustainable agriculture and designing ideas.


I don't think it matters what we are learning, just as long as we keep learning. Focused people commit to one subject and get a degree in that area. Jack of all trades like me prefer to dip in and out of several different subjects, just to keep our mind constantly guessing.


Leonardo Da Vinci proposed the idea that all things are connected once we get deep enough into them.


I have found this to be true. The more I study agriculture, the more I am reminded of my studies in society. The more I study design, the more I am brought back to the lessons I learned on design ideas. Those design ideas are actually pivotal on the society we live in and that society is shaped around agriculture. See what I mean?


So today I want to challenge you to pick up a book and learn something new. Take a course, visit the library or watch a documentary. If we keep each other learning, we keep each other growing.