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Haley Hoover

You have a bold, creative calling that you were put on this earth to accomplish.


You know this with absolute certainty, yet somehow you feel stuck as to how to get there.  The craziness of selling your product, staying creative and being yourself is all too much. The stress and confusion of it all is so distracting, you forget why you started this thing in the first place!
That’s where I come in.




I work with creatives who are scattered, frazzled and frustrated with where their business currently is.  Through a self-discovery journey, I help you take a step back, breathe, and find the bigger picture you’re aiming at – the heart of your message.  Then, we’ll take that message and plan to clearly communicate it to your tribe in an inspirational way.

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Cultivate a success mindset so you can consistently move forward.

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Determine your soul-message so every faucet of your business reflects it.

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Learn to create from the heart without constantly worrying what others will think.

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Find out what’s blocking your and learn how to move past it for good.

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Bloom into the confident creator you were born to be.

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Creating should always be fun. Forget the critics, loosen up and follow your intuition.


Haley Hoover  , Creative Business Coach

Haley Hoover, Creative Business Coach


I help creative business owners confidently communicate their soul-message with the world.

By uncovering your most authentic-self and your core message for creating, we can then transform your mindset and move through creative blocks, fears and frustrations.

With a thoughtful and intuitive approach, I help you connect your mission to your business so you can blossom into the fullest expression of yourself and your business.


Creative Confidence Coaching

If you are:

  • Wondering how to turn you passion into a successful business without losing your soul’s purpose.

  • Frustrated with your lack of consistency in sharing your big ideas

  • Seem to be out of alignment with yourself, your soul and your business.

  • Feeling “stuck” and unconnected with your selling and sharing.

I can assure you, I know how you feel and that’s why I’ve made this my life’s mission. I want to help you become:

  • Connected and aligned with your soul-centered message across all areas of your business.

  • Bold and excited in sharing your creative ideas, products and services.

  • Clear and focused on how to move through your creative blocks

  • Excited and aligned with the business you are creating

I’d love to work with you and help you create your own happy ending! Click below to learn more.


Hey there, Creativepreneur!

My name’s Haley and I'm here to help you bloom into the creative business owner you aim to be. I want to help you work through uncertainty so you can find clarity in your biggest creative dream.  Let's move from confusion to confidence and from frustration to passion.  

 If you have a passionate idea that gets your heart pumping wildly when you think about it..

…But you feel afraid to move into the next level of success in your business because you feel like you’re losing your purpose…

...and you want to ditch the fear and confusion so you can become the confident, creativepreneur you know you were destined to be…

…Then you've come to the right place. 

haley Hoover

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Want to get more connected with your soul so you can focus on that passion of yours?

 It starts by being able to hear and trust yourself.  In this 88-page e-book and workbook, you'll learn 7 exercises that you can incorporate immediately into your everyday life.  Each chapter is complete with journaling prompts to help you get the most out of your reading.  Ready to get clear on your life's mission?



Find out about my story, my mission, and how I can help you become more creative + confident.

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