Rose Lounsbury

Your Personal Minimalism Coach

“During our first session, Haley quickly helped me recognize areas where I am holding myself back in terms of creativity in my business. She helped me see where I am letting fear keep me from contributing to the world in the way I want. Her thoughtful, friendly approach put me immediately at ease. She's an incredibly good listener and I felt like she could see me--my struggles, strengths, and roadblocks--in just 45 minutes. It was kind of amazing! I hired her for six more coaching sessions on the spot. If you are looking for someone who can help you move past your creative blocks--in business or in life--Haley is the woman you want!”


Jacinta Hooper

Educator on Women’s Health & Positive Living

“Haley helped me to see that I was turning my business into something harder than it had to be, because I was focused on my to-do list and I didn't realise I was stepping away from my intuition about where the business needed to go and how it needed to serve and help people. Since my session with Haley I have felt so much lighter, have been more productive and things are flowing with ease. I would not hesitate to recommend her sensitive, intuitive approach mixed with a whole lot of good business knowledge which is perfect when you are a sensitive creative person running a business. I can't wait to continue working with her!”



Providence Church Frisco

“Haley helped me break down this wall of fear that was keeping me from sharing my work. I left the conversation with a solid strategy on how to see my ideas come to fruition as well as a renewed sense of confidence in my work. I highly recommend Haley’s coaching service because it is personally tailored to what you want to do with your creative ideas. She will not disappoint!”