What is Creative Confidence and How do you get it?

My current passion is my new coaching business, which I’ve titled “Creative Confidence Coaching.”  Many people have seemed fascinated with this concept, but few have actually understood what exactly I’m coaching on.
For that reason, I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain what Creative Confidence is.

Creative Confidence is foundation to all other aspects of your creativepreneur journey.  Without the initial confidence, you’ll sit on your bum and nothing will ever change.

You’ll be a dreamer, yes, but that’s all you’ll be.  You won’t be a creator of dreams – and that’s the end goal.  
Before venturing into coaching, I interviewed lots of creatives.  The only requirement for the interview was that they were creative individuals of some kind.  I interviewed a drawer, a writer, a make-up artist and a minister among others.  As you can see, creativity spans across passions.  You don’t have to be good at painting to consider yourself a creative person.
I’ve studied the art of creativity for years for my own sake.  I’ve read the books, listened to podcasts and taken multiple courses.  I am a life-long student to the sport.
It wasn’t a total surprise then, when I realized my interviewees all shared the same dream and yet they all suffered from the same ailments.

                   The dream: they wanted to make art full time.  They wanted to do what they love day in and day out and make a living doing it.  Me too, I thought.

                   The ailment: They all lacked the confidence to go after this dream full force.  Though they desired the idea of being a full-time creator, they doubted the fact that this was even a possibility.  In fact, a few of them were totally against even trying.
It broke my heart.
It broke my heart more that this ailed the young as well as the old. 
Retirement didn’t change things.
Kids didn’t change things.
Even all the money in the world wouldn’t change things, they told me.
The hesitation came from a deep place of fear; multiple fears that kept these lovely ideas scared, stuck and fixed as an idea which will never see manifestation.
I get it.
Sharing your creation is scary.  Putting yourself out there is even scarier.  But the idea of never really going after what you want most?  Scariest.
I’ve been there.  For years I’ve been there.  I was dedicated to my dream, but money, time, support and encouragement held me back.  Oh wait, those were excuses that held me back.
That was before I got fed up and decided to make a change.
When I got serious about making my dreams non-negotiable, that’s when these excuses began to melt away.
I uncovered my deepest fears, doubts and insecurities and steadily moved past them.  What happened next was what every creative desires: the manifestation of my wildest creative dreams.
That’s creative confidence.
Want some?