​​​​​​​Technology: Someone's Crazy Idea

I recently read a fascinating article about Amazon's new product, “Amazon Key”, which is a smart lock and camera that allows certified Amazon delivery agents to place packages right inside the door of your home, thus illuminating doorstep theft and other inconveniences.


The camera filming the front door from inside your house, allows the user to survey the delivery any time they want, so safety is never an issue.


Artwork by Haley Hoover. 2017

Artwork by Haley Hoover. 2017


This new idea of home delivery had me baffled for weeks. Yet a few days later I was hit with another big idea, although some of you probably already know about this one. The Amazon Echo, known affectionately as “Alexa” now has the power to control your entire house.


At a recent conference I sat next to a guy about my age who explained to me the importance of his Alexa device. As soon as he enters his apartment, he says, “Hi Alexa, I'm home” and the warm LED light of an Edison bulb illuminates his living room as the sweet sounds of Frank Sinatra create a relaxing environment for him to unwind in. Alexa also adjusts the temperature, so as to keep energy efficiency a priority while he is away from home.


Finally, I had the chance to browse through Home Depot last weekend while my boyfriend surveyed a much needed washer and dryer combo. While he chatted up Ronnie, a middle-aged store associate, I found myself ticked off in the refrigerator section. Who on earth would need a “smart fridge”??


Within five minutes I understood exactly why EVERYONE would need a new smart fridge! Owners can view the inside of their fridge from anywhere in the world by using your smart phone, which makes forgetfulness at the store a thing of the past.


Shopping lists can be made with the touch of a button and yet they can also be fulfilled and shipped to your house with two button taps. Yet, perhaps the most essential reason why anyone would need this smart fridge, is because not only can it stream music services like Pandora and Spotify, but it can even stream channels from your smart television in the other room! How. Cool.


Even as a young person, I feel like I am having a hard time keeping up with our ever-changing world. I wonder if this is how people felt during the Industrial Revolution of the 1800's. Were they constantly being blown away with technology too?


Imagine. You'll be able to tell your grandkids what life was like before smartphones and smart refrigerators. They'll call you crazy and think you're making this stuff up. While you and I didn't make it up, we still must attribute new technology to someone's “crazy idea” of yesterday.


How many crazy ideas have you thrown away because of someone else's laughter? How can you change the world in a positive way with one big crazy idea? Will you be brave enough to share your gift with an ever changing world? I hope you will.