Are you hitting the snooze button on your own life?

How to stop resisting and step into your power!


Haley Hoover original art, 2019

In her best-selling book, “Stop Saying Your Fine”, Mel Robbins makes the statement that the best invention catering to human resistance is the snooze button.   


Think about it, we push it almost automatically, with minimal effort and quickly return back to what we were previously doing.  We use this button because we don’t want to change, try, evolve or do.  We want to stay the same, stay comfortable, and keep ourselves safe in predictability. 


In fact, many of us do this in a much larger day throughout our lives.  We dream of something big, but we push snooze and wait for a better time.  We want something desperately, and yet our fear keeps us attached to snooze, keeping ourselves safe and unseen by everyone concerned, including ourselves.


Last week, I wrote about the power of your thoughts?  Your thoughts indeed shape the life around you.  When you hit “snooze” on the big life moments you crave, what sorts of thoughts are going on in your head?  I assure you, they are the exact same thoughts that created the reality that is currently surrounding you. It’s why you’re stuck.


The problem is, this resistant-you is directly at odds with the strong, powerful you that also lives inside of you.  


The powerful you loves trying new things, daring greatly and stepping into a life of love, passion and abundance. At any given time, you are either resistant-you or powerful-you, but never both.  Which one do you spend more time living in?


The problem with the resistant-you is that it’s keeping you stuck, bored and frustrated with your own circumstances.  The gap between the life you desire and the life you have are widened with resistant-you.  This means, if you were to stop resisting and do the tough stuff to go after you dreams, you might just close this gap.


The truth is, it’s natural to be scared of change.  In fact, it is an instinct our species has had since creation. We were given this instinct as a means of survival, which is good. But in today’s day and age, we know for fact that you will not die if you share your latest creation on Instagram. Yes, it may feel THAT SCARY, but the odds that you will actually die are quite slim.  Still, it can be incredibly hard to silence the fear that is holding you back.  The what ifs are driving you crazy!


So how do we tell resistant-you to pipe down so powerful |name| can show up and begin living bravely?


The secret is in the doing. If you never step up and try something new, you’ll never grow, therefore never stepping into your power. For example, if sharing your work on Instagram scares you to death, do it.


Yup, just do it.


I guarantee you that the first time will most definitely be terrifying, but not as terrifying as you may think.


The second time you do it, it’ll be slightly less terrifying.


After a few more times, you’ll be in a new comfort zone – posting with ease and sharing all your work without a second thought.


That’s how the powerful you works.  It does hard things and works with the fear to move forward into a more desirable space. 


Part of this is evolutionary.  Our species is still learning to operate at this high of a consciousness level.  I like to think that we are a generation on the verge of major break-throughs for our kind. When we go bravely where we haven’t gone before, we’re expanding ourselves into higher and higher levels of success and abundance.


When you think of all the benefits, the fear starts to seem kind of silly, doesn’t it?


I mean, would you rather stay stuck and frustrated your whole life, or would you rather blossom into that funky flower-child you know you were born to be?


While the answer to that question is obvious, we all are guilty of playing it small in the midst of new adventures.  But this is exactly what I DON’T want for you!  I want you to stretch into the man or woman you know you are meant to be.  2019 is here, baby, and it’s time to quit complaining about your life, wasting time wishing things were different and getting off your rump and BEING the change that you want to see.


YOU are the only one in control of you.  It starts with your thoughts, moves through your actions and ultimately creates itself around you in the form of what you call “your life.” 


So, are you going to continue to hit the snooze button on your life?  Will you continue to play the “someday” game and wait for the mysterious “perfect opportunity” to arise before you step into your creative confidence-- or, will you rise up like the powerful being you are, and step into your own desires?


Here are a few quick tips on how to stop hitting the snooze button and get your ace out of bed! 

  1.  Change your mindset.  It is true that your current circumstances were designed by your former thoughts. If you want something different, try thinking something different.  Perhaps the same old self-deprecating talk isn’t helping you achieve the goals you set for yourself.  When you let go of the old mindset programming and retrain your brain to think about yourself, your power and your ability to achieve in new ways, you’ll definitely be on your way to creating a more desirable life for yourself. 

  2.   Do hard things.  It isn’t natural to get out of bed after the first alarm, nor is it natural to run 26.21 miles without stopping, but guess what – people do. It’s the hard things like this that push ourselves, those around us, and our species as a whole to new levels of power and accomplishment.  High-achievers don’t become so overnight, thought.  They start very, very, very small.  In fact, they start where you are now!  It begins with making up your mind to go after something different.  Do something hard today that will positively affect your life in the days and years to come. Do that scary thing and do it again and again and again until it isn’t scary anymore. That’s how great things are done.

  3. Surround yourself with other people who think positive and do hard things.  We’re very social at our core. We’ll always do more when we’re surrounded by others who do more.  If all of your friends are deep into the snooze game (watching TV all afternoon, glued to the couch, stuck at minimum wage) then perhaps you need to change your friends.  You only know what you know and your current norm can be changed very quickly when you create a new norm for yourself.  Get involved with people who are on the up-and-up and who aren’t afraid to be better.  Here’s a great place to start, now.


The choice is yours, soul-friend. 


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Finally, if you’re ready to move mountains, give me a call.  As a professional Creative Confidence Coach, my job is to work with creatives who lack the confidence they desire.  Together we will work one-on-one to uncover the mental blocks that are keeping you stuck, small and scared.

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