6 quick ways to increase creativity in your everyday life

As a hard-working individual, it's easy to let the stresses and deadlines of daily life squash your creative genius. Lucky for you, what Liz Gilbert calls, "Big Magic" isn't so far away.

The following tips are “quick-fixes” to create a surge of new inspiration when you’re feeling low on fresh ideas.  This can be great for the busy entrepreneur, the driven business woman or even the passionate side-hobbiest.


6 Ways to increase creativity-2.png

Try 1-2 of these and reply in the comments with how your experiment went!  We’d love to hear from you.


Break Routine.

As humans, we love to get into habits. Unfortunately this is a great way to get bored and passive in a hurry. Shake things up by switching up your daily routine. Chances are you'll step into your right brain.


Meet new people.

As a former bartender, meeting new people was the BEST way for me to find new inspiration. Each character had an interesting story in the midst of unfolding. Just listening sparked tons of questions for me to explore.



Your creativity cannot operate in a pressed, confined condition. It needs space and time to unravel. Rest is the best way to open this space. Take half a day to sit in a hammock, go for a walk or lay around the pool. It may seem counter-intuitive but trust that it isn't.



It's no secret that exploring new places is a great way to get the juices flowing. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't mean you have to book a flight to Maui to explore. Check out new shops in your neighborhood or simply take a different route to work.



Curiosity is the beginning of creativity. Google the beginning of any word and you're sure to be amazed with the automatic suggestions that pop up. Allow yourself this rabbit hole to engage your interests.



Journaling not only increases creativity, but it's a great way to release the anxieties and stressors keeping you from your inspiration. Grab a pen and paper and let flow what may. At the least you'll walk away refreshed and reconnected.



Have other ideas for increasing creativity?  Feel free to share what works for you in the comments!