5 awesome books you should read about creativity

It’s pretty safe to say that EVERYONE could benefit from bringing in a little more creativity into their day-to-day lives. You don’t have to be an artist to exude benefits from the creative mindset. In fact, many of the books on this list came off of a “suggested reading” list on a course I took called “Creativity in the Workplace.”


Wether you’re a business person, an entrepreneur, a musician or a sculptor, the following five books are my recommended reading on how to engage your creativity on a higher level. I will make note, however, that these are affiliate links, so I will make a small commission on anything purchased through the links. That being said, I hope you will enjoy these books as much as I have!



1. The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron

If you only read one book from this list, make it this one. Hands down this is one of the top 5 books that have shaped my life. Again, this book applies to anybody, not just painters and sculptors, etc. Julia Cameron leads the reader through lots of exercises to help remove creative blocks, heal past hurts and draw out the confidence and passion that comes with thinking outside of the box. This book is literally what led me to begin thinking of myself as an artist and taking my creativity seriously.

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This is a fascinating read for many reasons. Not only do you get inside the brain of a creative genius, but you are also lead through exercises and ideas to help shape your own brain into thinking similar to da Vinci hisself. This book helped me because it instilled the exercise of creativity in every day actions like driving to work. We forget that creativity doesn’t restrain us to art supplies, it’s something we can use everyday!

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If you’re into creative psychology at all, this one is a MUST-READ! Finding Flow helps establish the theory of “flow” which essentially is that state of euphoria you may have experienced when your skill set was being challenged in a fun and engaging way. The theory is reinforced with how we can achieve flow in our everyday life, not just when we’re enjoying a challenging activity.

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Fun, packed-full-of-information, short read. This is one you could read on a lazy afternoon. Austin gives ten practical tips for harnassing your creativity in a simple, applicable way. The book is so easy to read I couldn’t put it down, and yet the advice was very thoughtful and needed.



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5. The Creative Habit, Twyla Tharp

This is my most recent creative read. I actually just finished it a few weeks ago! The Creative Habit is a highly recommended book from many sources. While I enjoyed it for the practical advice, I’ll be honest, the author goes into A LOT of examples regarding classical music, composition and dance. If this is your forte I would highly recommend it!

>>The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp


I hope this list helps you get started reading!. There are TRILLIONS of books out there are creativity, so if you know of any others that are worth a read, feel free to mention them in the comments below! :)