Live your creative dream:

The one secret you need to know in order to gain confidence in your creative business


Creative Confidence Coaching

I know it’s often hard to justify spending money on yourself, but in my experience, money is energy and if you never put any energy, effort, time or resources into your creative desires, all they will ever be is just a pipe dream. Show the world you’re ready to take yourself seriously by investing in your passion. Here’s the detailed break-down of what you’ll get:

  • Six (1 hr) one-on-one calls

  • 4 Modules to study on your own

    Lessons and helpful tips


    Journaling Prompts

  • Links to all my favorite creative confidence resources





Not only will I be helping you one-on-one but I will also be preparing homework and worksheets for you to complete in between our calls so we can make the most of each other’s time.
This is set up so you can learn and grow while also having a real-life person to ask questions to as you need assistance.