Sparkling Mindset


Sparkling Mindset


Prep your mind for the life you want.

  • Get clear on the dreams you desire

  • Demolish the fears and blocks that are keeping you stuck

  • Focus on the magic that comes from new, creative energy!

  • Clear the mental clutter that's been distracting you

Four high-intensity, self-paced modules

Get your clarity and creativity flowing with lessons and challenges that stretch you to new limits! I'll even share my favorite affirmations with you! 

Full-length, interactive modules

Each module is set up as an interactive PDF so you can learn wherever you go -- on your tablet, computer or phone! We'll walk through journaling exercises and other challenges that go beyond the workbook!

Self-Paced Learning

Sparkling Mindset is a learn at your own pace program. Some students fly through the content in 4-weeks, while others tend to really marinate on each lesson before moving forward. The beauty is in your choice to grow as fast or as slow as you want.

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My Philosophy:

I believe creativity should be fun, fluid and fearless, even if you're stretching into new depths. 

I don't believe in a paint-by-the-numbers approach to art, life or business. I believe in building creative programs that are so enjoyable, you'll have no trouble diving into them for weeks and years on end.

Simply put, I believe in giving you the tools to live happily and sparkling ever after.


When you open up the Sparkling Mindset course for the first time, you'll find four different modules designed to transform your mindset.

  • Pinpoint Your Dreams Stop wasting time chasing circles around 10 different things. Get clear on your truest desires so you can go after them full-speed.

  • Loosen Up Too often we let the fear of judgement or our silly idea of "perfectionism" keep u

  • Bloom into Yourself My modules are desinged to build on self-discovery. As you let go of other's expectations for you and your work, you'll find your truest self.

  • Clear Your Mind Get rid of the negative self-talk, the pity parties and the other junk that's keeping you stuck.

  • Creat with Confidence Once you've discovered your mental clarity and ideal goals, you'll be able to create without constantly worrying about the outcome.

  • Expand You're never finished growing. One of the most wonderful parts of being creative is that you always stay curious.

Sparkling Mindset is everything you need to know to dream bold, go big and get your creative life started.