Other AMAZING Experts

I like to think of this as my brag page.  I wouldn't be half as inspired or motivated if it weren't for these books, blogs and podcasts who have been shaping my mind for many years.  I highly recommend and endorse every item on this list, that is why it is there! FYI: Some of the links are affiliate.



Made Vibrant - Caroline Kelso Zoosk
I've followed Caroline for years!  She is literally the most genuine and vulnerable blogger than I know.  Her newsletters and blog posts are seriously helpful for soulful creatives who want to live more purposefully. 

Creative Pep Talk Podcast - Andy J. Pizza
Whenever I need a kick in the pants, this is the first place I go to.  Andy is not only like barging in on your twelve-year old self at a slumber party, but he is also hilariously inspiring, encouraging and tactical in how to be a creative business owner.  Highly recommend. 


Extra Pack of Peanuts - Travis Sherry
Travis is who introduced me to the credit card rewards game back in '14.  He's definitely got some amazing tips to help you save money on travel!  Love it.

Boldness & Vulnerability

You are a Badass - Jen Sincero
This book was so tactical that I keep going back to see what I underlined.  Jen is full of life success tips and her writing style is so easy to read I felt like I was gabbing with my friends on the phone!  Here's my full book review if you want to learn more. 


XOSarah - Sarah Morgan
My first blogging role-model and also my most influential!  Sarah has been in the blogging biz for years! She teaches a "no-BS blog strategy for the daring and driven."  Literally anything you read on her site will be helpful.  Guaranteed.

279 Days to Overnight Success - Chris Guillebeau
A great read for anyone who wants to learn more about the blogging industry and how to really get started as an unconventional business success.