Our Top-Pick Replacements

On Saturday we showed around our third and final set of potential managers: Tanya and Shawn. Although we loved Vanessa and Aaron, I think Tanya and Shawn fit the property better in mindset and skillset. They were both very friendly and very down to earth and when Shawn suggested building a giant seal at the front of the property, we knew they were in. Matthew and I had both read books that warned Aussie's fascination with giant statues. All around the country there were giant attractions: a rocking horse, a dog, a shoe, a koala..the list goes on and on. Because Shawn and Tanya were very enthusiastic about making the place more family-oriented with ideas like this, we knew Yollana would be happy. Plus they had a daughter who did make-up and a son who was a chef so they were the perfect package for getting weddings started here (that was a big goal of Yollana's as well.)

Homemade Brownies!

Homemade Brownies!


Tanya manages corporate restaurants around Adelaide and Shawn does remodeling work. Both of their backgrounds were perfect for this place. It needed some long term TLC and stability and it sounded like these people were willing to give it that. After the tour we invited them for dinner at the hostel later that evening. We arranged for them to meet us at 6:30 and they promised to supply the beer if we supplied the food. Sure enough, at 6:30 Shawn and Tanya showed up with a box of Hans Ultra and a 6-pack of Coke Zero.


We welcomed them in and together the five of us chatted about all sorts of things. They asked us our travel plans and Maggie explained we were all three heading to Darwin in a few weeks. With Maggie's change of plans it turned out we could all travel together and save a lot of money. Tanya said Darwin was an excellent place to be this time of the year. Shawn mentioned a few places worth stopping at on the way and Tanya even went so far as to give us the names of businesses who would be hiring backpackers.


Perhaps the most interesting advice they gave us was that of dealing with aboriginals in the Northern Territory. Shawn said it wasn't unheard of for one of them to jump in front of your car stark naked. He warned that if this were to happen to us, the best thing to do was to run him over and keep driving. In response to Maggie and I's horrified looks, he explained further. Sometimes the packs will send one man out to stop the car and the second the window is rolled down, the rest of the men jump out of the bushes and jack your car. Matthew laughed at this. Maggie and I looked at each other, not sure what to think.


For dinner Maggie and Matthew had prepared roasted chicken legs and fresh vegetables and I prepared some homemade brownies. The meal was fantastic and the company was even better. Shawn and Tanya stayed until about 11:30. They had fit in like a glove and we were anxious to give our good review to Yollana. She'd be crazy not to hire these two!