Rainbow Vomit & Playgrounds

Tuesday came around again and I enjoyed my second day off. Yollana and the kids were going to Kingscote to drop off Will at the airport and get the weekly groceries. She asked if I wanted to come along and I decided it was better than sitting around the hostel doing nothing.


Me and the kids just before the rainbow vomiting starts.  

Me and the kids just before the rainbow vomiting starts.  

The Festa was loaded down with all of us and Will's luggage. I sat in the backseat between Ash and Erin. We hadn't left the driveway yet when they caught me using snapchat. Like Leila, Ash was fascinated with it. Unlike Leila, Ash wanted to take his own picture and send it out to the world over and over again.


When I showed him the rainbow vomit filter I thought he was going to explode. He screamed and laughed and begged me to show him how to do it. Erin laughed when Ash successfully made rainbows fall out of his mouth. I had to set it up for him again and again. He wanted to make sure they were going on my story so all my friends could see his rainbow vomit too. This made him even happier.


When we got to the airport my phone was on thirty-two percent. I told him we couldn't play with it again until after his Dad was on the plane. I didn't want to be the cause of a distraction from family and I also wanted to save at least a little battery for use in town.


Our time at the airport was strange. I felt like an older cousin or a babysitter that had tagged along on a family event. Will bought a hot chocolate and shared it with the kids. They loved this. Yollana was checking her phone until Will politely asked her to enjoy the kids in front of her. She was a bit huffy but she did put down her phone for a few minutes.


At one point Erin crawled onto Will's lap and teared up as she begged him not to go. He hugged her tightly and whispered something in her ear. She hugged him back and wiped her eyes. Yollana was looking at her phone again.


When the plane arrived Yollana told the kids to tell Will goodbye so we could be on our way. Erin didn't want to let go of her daddy but eventually she had to because the Cessna had loaded the other fourteen passengers and it seemed to be waiting for it's last member to board the plane. From the window Erin and Ash stared with wide eyes as their father waved through the plane window. I felt a pain for these two. A moment later Yollana was leading us outside to the car. Erin looked up at me and said that I looked like I should be her and Ash's mother. I tried to hide my embarrassment when I asked her why she thought that. She said my hair was wavy and blonde like theirs but their mother's hair was straight and brown. I wasn't sure if Yollana heard the conversation or not but she hadn't commented and I was glad because that might have made it worse.


In Kingscote I was free to roam while Yollana did other errands. I had a list of things I needed. First I refilled Matthew and I's wine stash. Next I searched out new socks for myself. I had only packed three pairs because back home I only wore tennis shoes for running. I underestimated the amount of usage my socks would get while working at a cafe. All three pairs I owned now had holes in them and I had to do laundry twice a week just to keep up. A new batch of socks wasn't out of my budget.


Next I went to the gift shop and headed straight for the art section. I had waited long enough. The urge inside me was getting cranky. I knew I didn't have space, time or money enough for acrylics or oils so I settled on a nice set of watercolors and a two dollar brush. I could use my journal for paper and double the watercolors as supplies for my bible journaling too.


I wasn't sure if I'd get another chance so I also went to the grocery store and bought stuff to make tacos and a bar of chocolate for myself.


When Yollana picked me up afterwards the kids were begging her to take them to the park. She asked if I'd mind going with them and I said I wouldn't so she dropped the three of us off at the playground.


I don't know for sure but I think we spent two and a half hours at the playground. I enjoyed it, though. The kids were funny. I thought they would just play on the equipment but the surprised me with how many games they used to play on the equipment with. My favorite was the pirate ship game. I actually joined in to play this one. The playground was a pirate ship and the ground was the ocean. We couldn't step off the playground or else we were “it.” The it had to tag someone else and when they did that person would be “it.” I was corrected when I asked if it was just like the game tag. Apparently they didn't play tag in Australia, they played “tips.”


Around and round I ran and jumped and played as Ash started off as “it.” I quickly learned that the top of the slides counted as pause, but only for ten seconds or else you would be it. Erin and I were quite good at keeping away from Ash but when he got frustrated and started to cry, Erin was quick to let him tip her. Erin was harder to keep away from. Her monkey feet gave her a superpower on the playground. I felt fairly limber but there were moments when I realized my body was larger than the intended size for use of the equipment.


I wondered why we didn't have playground equipment designed for adults who wanted to let off steam in between work breaks but couldn't come up with a good reason why. Since adult coloring was in style, maybe adult playground climbing would be the next big thing.


When Yollana honked the horn for us to leave, Ash and Erin pretended not to hear her. They suggested that we act oblivious in hopes that she would come join us. I tried to play along for a few minutes but I already knew the outcome of this game. I had tried it many times before in my own childhood. I gathered the kids shoes and told them we needed to get going.


When we made it back to the hostel the kids begged me to watch their new movie with them. They had rented it at the library and it was about a magic house that saved an old man. I actually enjoyed the comedy in it and found it to be a very creative movie. The kids mostly just laughed at it. Sometimes things are funny just because.