Pizza and Golf

After four days of working with Allen, Leonie joined us for dinner. Her and Allen had planned a night of pizza for us, insistent on using their large fire wood pizza oven. I was delighted.

It was strange seeing Leonie in her own home. I had already grown custom to seeing Matthew, Maggie, myself and Allen in the kitchen, but Leonie hadn't been there. It was like she didn't belong, yet more than any of us, she did.  She was a tiny little thing, with long silver hair.  She was a ball of energy, Leonie. I had to sit and watch to take her all in at first. One minute she was laughing and saying how lovely everything was, and the next minute she was sitting on the floor, inviting you to come join her. 

When I asked Leonie about writing she seemed to pleasantly discourage me before changing the subject. I was glad that I was older and more sure of myself, otherwise it might have defeated me. Still, I was discouraged with her attitude, be it smiling and courteous.

The pizza was wonderful but it took so long to make. By the time we ate and cleared the dishes it was well past nine o'clock and I was ready for bed. Maggie followed shortly after and we stayed up whispering about the events of the night. 

Maggie showing off her pizza!

Maggie showing off her pizza!


The next day Matthew and crossed another item off of our Australia bucketlist.  We played golf in the land down under. Allen and his friends were gracious enough to let us join them for a round of 9 at the nearby course in Humpty Doo.  

Despite my expectations, the course was well-kept and very green. There were palm trees and eucalyptus all over it and I enjoyed the occasional swamp and billabong throughout the course.

The men were all great fun and I was proud of myself for keeping up with them without trouble. I shot a 55 on 9 holes and that was a good average day for me. I beat Matthew by a stroke and Pongee by several, but I wasn't going to rub it in. I was just happy they let me join them.