Pierre Leaves

Matthew and I opened the cafe but there were no customers at all, so we played outside. We watched Kyle, the Koala for a long time. Then played on the massive wagon wheels out front.  We had a contest to see who could balance the longest.  Eventually Maggie came out to see what all the fuss was about.  It was sunny and warm and I think we all wanted to enjoy it.  At some point Matthew dared me to do a back-handspring and Maggie caught it on film. That made for some cool pictures!

Working hard or hardly working?

Working hard or hardly working?


At 2 o'clock Matthew, Pierre and I went to town.  It was Pierre's last day and he needed to catch the five o'clock bus in Kingscote.  Before leaving him at the bus stop, he joined us for our weekly errands.  We bought a tartar sauce bottle then went to the library to return a movie for Yollana. We ended up getting two movies of our own. Frost/Nixon and Jillaroo School, an aussie tv series. In order to check out the movies I had to register for a library card.  As I read through the form I commented on the part about parental consent.  The lady behind the desk said if I was old enough to travel, I didn't need parental consent. I laughed and thought about having to call my parents to ask for permission to get a library card.


After the library we went to the post office where I mailed four postcards.  It cost twelve dollars. Next, we went to the bank, the bottle shop and the grocery store.  When we finished all that it was 4:30 so we dropped Pierre off at the bus station. He had just purchased a beer so Matthew and I sat on the curb with him while he drank his last beer with us.

Pierre had been a good worker and good company too.  I think Matthew was going to miss having another guy around.  We gave hugs and good wishes and then headed back to the property.  


On the way home I told Matthew the story about getting my oil changed in Altus and not getting the oil put back in.  I left the shop and made it a half block before my car warned me it was going to explode.  When I returned to the dealership the mechanic realized his mistake and offered me a free oil change.  My dad was pretty upset with that mechanic when I told him what happened.  


We came home to Maggie working on her design work. Matthew made stir fry and together the three of us ate our dinner in the lounge room.  We had lost another volunteer and now we were down to three.  Maggie would be around another week and then it would be just two of us.  We commented on how much quieter it gets with each deduction of the group.

After dinner I put in the Frost/Nixon movie.  We all really enjoyed the movie.  So much, in fact, that afterwards we looked up details on Watergate and talked about how that compared to current day political scams, such as Hillary Clinton's.