Melbourne-Day 2

Day two was off to a slow start. I slept until 9 o'clock and Matthew slept until 10. During my hour alone I checked email, had a quiet time and listened to music on the veranda. When I went inside to grab my planner Matthew was awake and laying in bed checking his phone. He asked me if I had emailed our future employer back and I told him that's what I was about to do. I went back out on the veranda and called the surf place to make sure they had received my voucher. When I hung up Matthew was outside and I told him we needed to check his email so we could contact the ferry company and move our departure time to 9am. We also needed to use his email to contact the rental car company to ensure that we get the refund we needed. While he looked into that I called the greyhound bus company and confirmed our bus ride that was leaving the following day.


By the time we got through checking emails, making phone calls it was noon and I was ready to eat again. Before we left I decided now would be the time to give Jen our dirty laundry. I through four or five outfits in the basket and then decided to throw my towel in too. Matthew saw what I was doing and quickly through in four or five outfits of his own, plus his towell. I sent Jen a text that we would be leaving extremely early so if she didn't have time to do our laundry we would be fine without it. With the send of that text we headed out the door and walked up the hill towards the bus stop. This time we had a better idea of which bus to take to get to Southern Cross Station.


When we got downtown we walked until we found ourselves inside a shopping mall type of area with lots of food stands. We walked and looked until we found a spot that sold burgers. I had mentioned burgers earlier in passing and that had made Matthew's mind up for what he would eat that morning.

We landed on a place that proudly boasted its Bonzi Burgers. I didn't know what that was but I ordered one with a side of chips and a bottle of some kind of fruit juice. Matthew ordered a Double Bonzi Burger with a different kind of fruit juice.

When I bit into the burger I wasn't dissapointed, but confused. I had been taught that “burger” meant “beef” and any other kind of meat squished between buns was considered a sandwhich.   Basically there was Chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches and burgers, which implied beef. I thought that was a thing, but apparently it wasn't, or at least it wasn't in Australia, because this burger was definitely chicken. It was good chicken because it was smothered in a spicy sauce they called Bonzi, but nevertheless it was still chicken and in my family chicken is not equal to beef.


On the other hand, the chips were amazing. Matthew and I agreed that before that moment we thought McDonald's and Braum's shared the title for best French Fries ever, but now this new place had changed that belief.


While we ate we decided our main destination for the day was the Melbourne Goal. Matthew had read about it in his fancy book and said it sounded worth visiting. I had no idea what a goal was but he said it had to do with a prison.


After walking a ways down the street we found the goal and headed towards the inside. There was a lady there erasing the chalkboard and we asked if the goal was still open. She said the part where you get arrested was already done for the day but we could still tour the jail for half price. We decided half was better than nothing and so we gave it a shot. I really wanted to try being arrested but that would have to wait for another time. The jail closed at 5 and it was already 4:15 so we made our visit speedy.


Inside the goal I was amazed at the structure of the building. It was old and beautiful yet creepy in a sense. I bet the place would be super scary at night time.  There are probably some wicked ghost stories behind those walls too. The building was tall and narrow, with hundreds of individual cell rooms lined up right next to each other, each closed in with a door and no windows.


I read about the goal and how it had housed inmates for hundreds of years. I read about WWII American Soldiers who were prisoners there at certain times. Apparently times were more harsh back then. The cat of nine tails was used if prisoners cursed or shouted. The scaffold was used when prisoner's got the death penalty. The law had changed a few times over the years. It had always been a big controversy as to weather hangings should be public or not. I learned that there used to be a woman's prison next door but it collapsed and that the bad prisoners were sent underground into confinement where they were cut off from all human access for days at a time.


After walking all over the goal I finally had to ask who the heck Ned Kelly was. His name had been flung around throughout lots of exhibits but I didn't know who he was. I found the monument explaining his story and read through the story. He was a rebel even from youth, stealing things and hanging out with ex-cons. His mother even did time in prison when his younger sister was a baby. As Ned got older he found a gang of other rebels and they robbed all sorts of banks. A warrant went out for their arrest or death and the prize ultimately reached closed to a million dollars. In the end Ned was eventually caught and hanged in the Melbourne Goal.   Ned is hated by some and loved by others but the point is, he is an icon of Australian history.  I enjoyed learning about such a figure.


By the time we made it through all three floors the lady from the front door was ringing a bell telling us it was closing time. In the store on the way out I saw a cool shirt that said, “I did time with Ned Kelly.” and I decided that Ned must have been the Australian version of Billy the Kid or something.  I later read online that he was thought of as the Australian Robin Hood.  I suppose that's similar to Billy the Kid.


When we got outside the goal Matthew said his next mission was to get a haircut so we walked back towards the station in search for a cheap men's haircut. We passed two then three hair salons, all of which were female-only or extremely expensive. We went back to the arcade where we saw a $10 haircut the day before but it was passed five and they were closed for the day.

After an hour or so we both admitted we were super tired and the haircut places were not cooperating with our plan. We were walking back towards the bus stop when Matthew stopped in the middle of the street. I followed his gaze to a sign that said Charles Dickens Pub. He asked if I wanted to have a drink and I shrugged my shoulders. We really had nowhere to be and when we got back to the house we'd just go to sleep anyways.


Charles Dicken's Pub was located underground. It was a well lit pub that seemed like a pretty safe environment. We looked over the beer list while a foreign woman of some kind told us she'd be right with us. I decided on something with "Brother" in the name and headed towards a two-seater table near the back corner. To my surprise, Matthew had ordered the same brand of beer in a different lager. He had light lager and mine was stormy lager. His was better.


We had drank 2/3 of our beers when the foreign lady came over and asked if we wanted another round. We both declined and I finished mine off before heading to the ladies room. When I got back, I was surprised to see two pints of beer sitting on our table. Matthew grinned at his accomplishment and I shrugged my shoulders and raised one of the pints towards my friend.


We started talking about high school and all the trouble Matthew got in. We talked about our old friends and where they were now. We talked about the stupid things we did and how we got away with it all. Matthew gave the intro to a story and then told me I had to buy another round if I wanted to hear the rest of it, so of course I bought another round. By the end of our third beer we had just brought up the topic of politics so we ordered one last round to continue the debate on Trump.


By the time we finished up at the pub it was around 9 o'clock and we knew we needed to head back to the house for the night since we'd be getting up super early. Luckily, this time we found our bus stop with no problems. The only inconvenience was that this was a 45 minute bus ride and the night before it had been a 20 minute bus ride.


When we made it home I made a phone call to one of our mutual friends back home and we laughed and laughed on speaker phone before settling in for the night. We had to leave the house by 6 am and it was now close to midnight. I noticed our dirty clothes were not in the basket but not in our rooms either and decided I might need to say a prayer that they'd be dry in time to pack tomorrow morning.