Leaving the Territory

On Tuesday we woke up and shared breakfast as we had every day for a week. The only difference was that today would be our last breakfast with Allen and with Maggie. Today we would pack our bags and go our separate ways.

Allen, Maggie and I 

Allen, Maggie and I 


All morning I could feel the heaviness setting upon me.  I prided myself on keeping my tears from falling. That was, until we loaded up in the car. Matthew turned on the Killers so we could sing together, the three of us, one last time. I looked around the familiar space I was occupying. I was in between luggage and the window, hugging my knees and listening to Matthew and Maggie. They were already bickering about whose elbow was in the way.

For some reason, this small act broke the emotijonal wall for Maggie. She realized our time as a group was over. I watched as her face turned first bright red, and then released the liquid it had been holding in. She was crying a real, hardy cry. She looked at me and I told her to stop. I had applied mascara and it didn't need to be wasted. Still, within seconds I was crying too. Matthew was laughing, of course.  Never again would we all three be packed into this station wagon like sardines.  Our roadtrip together was officially over.  

When we arrived at the airport we took turns hugging Maggie and wishing her good luck. Then, just as we were in a habit of doing, Matthew and I hauled our large bags out of the car and rolled them swiftly into the airport, stopping only briefly to turn around and wave one final hand at Maggie, who was now alone in her big empty car.