Hello & Goodbye

On our tenth day Matthew and I opened the cafe by ourselves for the first time. It really wasn't any different from working at 9am, we just got to use the keys and turn on the lights ourselves. Everything went smoothly. We cleaned and chatted till the first major order came in around 11am. I handled it by myself while Matthew ran over to the hostel to help prepare for the weekly trip to town. While I was in the middle of the order Liela ran in to the kitchen. She asked me to braid her hair but I was busy. I told her I would after I finished the customer's order but she said she had to leave immediately. I stopped what I was doing and told her bye. I knelt down and opened my arms but she wouldn't give me a hug. I picked her up anyways and she screamed until I put her down. I didn't know if I would see her again or not but I guessed the latter.


When I finished the order I looked outside and saw that Kim, Uzi, Leila and Matthew had left. I felt horrible that I didn't get to tell Kim goodbye but I knew everyone was in a rush to meet the ferry. Kim was going back to Adelaide to figure out her next move. Uzi and Leila were going back to the east coast and Matthew was doing the weekly errands before coming back to the resort.


I heard more customers pull up and Alex came in and started helping me with the orders. From that point on we consistently had two or three orders at a time until three in the afternoon. Yollana was in and out of the kitchen helping too. We were busy but it was manageable. It didn't get stressful until we ran out of food. We were out of chips, bacon and blueberry muffins.


After the rush I did an inventory check for Yollana. While I walked in and out of the various food supply spots, Yollana and Alex were off and on the phone with Matthew. I heard them say there were three backpackers in town who needed a place to stay. Apparently the backpackers were French with very poor english skills so Alex was translating for Yollana.


By the time I finished the inventory list, I heard Yollana confrim that Matthew was picking up one of the three backpackers and bringing them back with him.


I went to the hostel, changed the laundry and took a 30 minute nap break. When I got up I cleaned the third bedroom for our new volunteers. It was around 4:30 and when I stepped outside I saw the green Festiva pull up in the driveway. Out stepped Matthew and a skinny guy with a short shaved hair cut. I walked over to the car and Matthew introduced me to Thomas before showing me the four bottles of wine he strategically picked out for our personal stash.


After admiring the wine I watched as Thomas unloaded his suitcase and began talking to Yollana. His English was pretty bad but he seemed an alright guy. While Thomas unloaded and got the tour from Yollana, Alex and Matthew and I went to the dam to check the water levels. On the way there we saw a kangaroo hop right in front of the car!


When we made it back to the hostel Thomas was busy cooking pumpkin soup via Yollana's recipe. We all sat and chatted with Thomas as best we could with Alex interpreting when we needed her. Thomas was in the French military but was taking a six month break to travel Australia. He had a girlfriend back home and he missed her tremendously. He was going to be staying and helping us for the next two days and then he would be on his way to Adelaide.


Yollana had learned about Thomas and the other two backpackers by way of a local farmer who didn't need them anymore. He said they were lazy so he cut their stay short and dropped them off in Kingscote. Thomas confirmed that he had been volunteering at a nearby farm with a French couple but they were lazy enough to get all three of them fired. He said he was relieved when they went back to Adelaide without him because he didn't care for their company much anyways.


After dinner we all set around the fire for a good bit before I excused myself for bed. I had worked hard today and my mind was full of information from the new character we had just met. I was full and happy and exhausted--perfect for bedtime.