Easter Sunday

Our local and talented musician, Graham, getting down on the guitar.

Our local and talented musician, Graham, getting down on the guitar.

Easter Sunday was not unlike any other day at the resort. I woke up early so I could have a good quiet time. Though it was weird celebrating Easter without church, I made sure I honored Jesus on Easter before starting my day. By nine o'clock several of us were in the cafe making sandwiches for the tour bus we had coming at noon. Even Leila helped.


I worked through the lunch rush; bussing tables, taking orders and delivering food. By three o'clock I was hungry and exhausted. I went to the hostel to have my lunch and get off my feet. After eating I found Leila in the lounge room watching The Chronicles of Narnia. I watched it with her for several minutes before falling asleep.


Some time later I was woken by Yollana. She asked if I'd like to take pictures of the live music going on in the cafe. I agreed and grabbed my phone. Inside the cafe there were multiple tables full of people. I smiled and asked each table if I could take a picture of their group for advertising purpose. All but one table was more than happy to pose for my camera.


I got some really good pictures of Graham, the musician I had heard about. I also got some really good pictures of the cafe as a whole; full of people and excitement. After getting dozens of pictures I sat down on a bar stool to enjoy the music. Very quickly I found myself lost in it. t was the most raw, relaxing moment I have had since beginning this trip.


I listened as Graham played a John Denver classic that reminded me of home.


Country roads, take me home

to the place I belong

West Virginia, mountain momma

take me home, country roads...”


Next he played a few selections from the Eagles, one of my favorite bands. He followed those up with Copperhead Road and Keep Your Hands to Yourself. The best part about Graham's music was that he was a one-man band. Not only did he sing and play guitar, but he also had some kind of technology that added in drums, background singers and even special instruments like piano and saxophone. I wasn't quite sure how he was doing it but it sounded really nice.


When the show was over Yollana took me away from the crowd and introduced me to Graham. I told him I loved his music and I asked him how made so many sounds at the same time. He was all too happy to tell me about his “gadgets.” He had one thing called a BeatBuddy. It was a device that matched the beat on his guitar to play background music behind him. He had an Ipad that read him the lyrics and an app that showed his playlist. He could sync his app to his BeatBuddy so they were always on the same song. I was fascinated to hear all of this and very grateful that Graham was honest and down to earth about his skills, unlike a lot of musicians I had tried to carry on conversations with.

Some Aussies hanging out and listening to the music.

Some Aussies hanging out and listening to the music.


After listening to music I walked over to the hostel and found Kim making dinner. She was working on a homemade peanut sauce for the Pad Thai she was cooking. I noticed she looked a little glum so I asked her what was wrong. She had just found out her eleven year old brother was pretty sick. He had a collapsed lung and was hospitalized. I listened to her talk about her brother for quite a while. I couldn't imagine the worry she was facing.


At eight o'clock we all sat down for dinner together. Before anyone had a chance to start eating I asked Yollana if I could say an Easter prayer for our meal. I thanked God for our food and the roof over our heads. I thanked him for each of the people at the table and I asked that he heal Kim's brother and keep him safe.


After the prayer we each said our daily highlights. Mine was the music. Yollana's was getting the sandwiches done so early. Uzi's highlight was seeing Matthew and I work so hard around the business, day after day. Alex's highlight was the meal we were eating. Matthew's highlight was playing with Leila. Leila couldn't think of a highlight. Kim looked at me and said my prayer was her highlight.

Maybe Easter didn't have to be celebrated in a church after all.