A Change of Cast Members

Thursday was my first day off since our arrival.  When I woke up it was around 10. I smiled. It was so nice to sleep in. I needed the rest. Slowly I made my way around to getting dressed. Today I would wear whatever I wanted! My excitement went down a notch as I realized that meant I would wear leggings and a t-shirt like I wore everyday anyways. I did leave my hair down, though, and that was cool.


I thought for a moment about going without make up but then I thought, well maybe just a bit of foundation. That turned into a bit of powder to soak it in and that turned into a bit of mascara to open my eyes. I sighed as I realized I was wearing the same amount of makeup I always did. Oh well.


I walked back to my room and sat on my bed for a nice quiet time with the Lord. I thanked him for my day off and asked that he would bless it and let it go slowly. I told him how good he was and then I opened up my bible to where I had left off the day before. 1 John chapter 5. I read a few paragraphs and stopped at a verse that said, “Our faith will overcome the world.” I underlined it and then opened up my colored pen case to find a beautiful shade of blue. I doodled the verse in the margins of my Bible and smiled at the peace inside me. Our faith would overcome the world.

I'm easing in to this Bible Journaling thing.

I'm easing in to this Bible Journaling thing.


When I finished, I put my Bible away and looked at my phone which was still on silent. I had a missed called from Matthew Australia. I called him back, ready to combat any request he had with “it's my day off.” Fortunately he was only calling to tell me to come watch TV with him in the living room.


I laughed and told him I was about to go in the living room anyways. In the living room we watched an episode or two of South Park. In between shows Matthew would change it to the Discovery Channel. He said he was paranoid that Yollana would walk in and say something about us watching such a filthy show. She never came in so we never had to feel very guilty.


Around 11:30 I noticed it was 8pm back home so I walked outside to call my parents.   I got off the phone at 1 o'clock and was amazed I had been on the phone for so long. The past week had been so busy with work I hadn't had a chance to call them.  I went back inside to grab my laptop but stopped when I saw Thomas was eating lunch. He asked if I wanted to eat soup. I said no. He started asking me if I was going to go to raptor domain. I said no I wanted to write. He showed me pictures of the snakes and spiders. I decided I'd eat some tuna salad.


He said, “It's my last day. I can say you love Mat-chu” I sat down with my plate and asked him why he thought that. He didn't reply. “Why do you say that?”


“Ahh because he is beautiful american boy and you are beautiful american girl.”


“So it's because we're both American?”


“No. He is not perfect for you?”


“We are just friends.”


“Yes, but in few months you text me and say you love Mattchu.”


I asked about the spiders at the raptor domain and he said he had a chameleon back home.


“You will love matchu bc you travel long time. A year.”


“Why don't you say that about your girlfriend?”


“I only travel five month. You travel a year. You say in a few month you love Matchu.”


I gave up and decided to go write. He laughed at this.


After another hour of writing had passed I noticed that the parking lot was empty. I decided to stroll over to the cafe and have a little human interaction. Matthew was bussing tables and washing dishes. He said it hadn't been too hectic of a day and I rubbed in the fact that I hadn't had a hectic day either.

Because of my comment he asked me to make him a milkshake and after a few minutes of standing around I decided I would be nice and do it.


When I got the ice cream out I saw Thomas approaching the kitchen.


“Want a milkshake?”


“Oh. Yes, please.” He smiled big at my question.


After serving the guys their milkshakes I knew if I stayed much longer I'd get roped into working, so I walked back over the the hostel and opened my laptop back up. In a matter of minutes Thomas was back by my side.


“Thanks for the milkshake.”


“Oh, you're welcome.”


He then spoke something very fast that I didn't catch. When he repeated it I thought I understood.


“You're ready to go to Adelaide but you are tired of waiting for Yollana?”


“Yes. Tired of waiting.” I shut my laptop and looked at him. “Will you miss me?”


“Of course I will! Will you miss me?” I asked with a smile.


“Yes. I give you my Facebook.” He handed me my phone and motioned for me to open up Facebook. When I got it open he told me how to spell his name and I found him right away. He smiled and said it was good.


A few minutes later Yollana emerged from the kitchen and I ran over to give her a credit card so I could get a wifi plugin. Afterwards I turned to Thomas and gave him a goodbye hug. I told him good luck on his travels and he returned the comment. While they loaded luggage I walked back over to my writing spot on the front veranda. A few minutes later I watched the blue-green Festa make its way down the dirt driveway.


I waved as they drove off and I wondered, what makes a person important to another person? Was it the length of time you have known each other? Does the more time you spend with a person equal a closer relationship with them? Perhaps it was the quality of conversations, regardless of the amount of time. I thought about how quickly people come and go from hostels and places like this. You invite someone in with open arms and then in a matter of days they are gone from your life forever.


Maybe location decided on the meaningfulness of a friendship. I thought about my friends back home and wondered if they were more important simply because I had met them at home and would always come back to them.


For dinner Alex and I made cous cous topped with beans and sweet potato chunks. When dinner was finished Alex, Matthew and I watched television. We were waiting for Yollana and the others to join us even though we were quite hungry.


Around 8 o'clock Yollana called us and said her crew would be eating at the Thai restaurant. I had heard about the thai restaurant. It was a popular spot for locals on Thursday nights. The bus driver told Matthew and I about it on our drive to Kingscote and ever since then I had wanted to go.


Matthew, Alex and I expressed our jealousy and then served ourselves a homemade TV dinner. It was actually quite relaxing to sit in the living room and quietly eat our dinner together. Matthew brought out a bottle of wine and the three of us split it amongst ourselves. How I Met Your Mother was on tv so all was right with the world.


After three episodes of HIMYM we heard the car rumble up the driveway and soon after we met the new cast. First there was Julianne, the new volunteer. She was blonde and french and somewhat reserved. She was pretty but there was a roughness in her eyes that made me think she hadn't lived a fairytale life.  The three of us greeted her and Alex showed her to the room they would be sharing.


Next we met Will. Will was the mysterious husband Yollana had told us about. All week Matthew and Alex and I had tried to guess what Will would be like. I said he would have glasses and a typical Australian style of dress. Matthew said he would wear brown Aussie boots and be very skinny. We all agreed he'd be skinny because Yollana had mentioned that he taught yoga. Alex said Will was going to be very smart with blonde hair.


We were all pretty spot on to our guesses. Will was tall and skinny with dirty blonde curls on his head. He did wear the brown aussie boots and he also had dark green canvas pants and a brown vest that somehow looked manly. He was very friendly and Matthew approved of him almost instantly. I think it was because they bonded while unloading heavy things from the car.


Yollana's two kids were here too but they were too sleepy to come inside tonight. Will and the kids would be staying down at Cabin 5 so they wouldn't be in the way of the business. Everyone was wound up with all the excitement of new people and fresh groceries. It took us all a while to settle down and get to sleep that night. I think Matthew and I got in and out of bed ten times before finally falling asleep. The next day we would get to know the others better.