Berry Springs

During our week at Allen's we varnished the rocks on their house, cleaned the ceilings, organized the closets, and took the paint off of the kitchen windowsills so they could be varnished. Matthew did do some chainsaw work and he also helped make a lot of charcoal (one of Leonie's gardening ideas.)


On Monday, we all loaded up after our morning work and headed to Berry Springs. Leonie and Allen had both insisted that we spend some time there and I'm glad they did.


Berry Springs reminded me of Bitter Springs, only it was larger. There were three pools for swimming in, each were clear and beautiful.

Berry Springs, NT, Australia 

Berry Springs, NT, Australia 


The park was free to get in, so we loved that. We packed a picnic lunch of salad and hotdogs and used the on-site grill and tables to complete our meal.


One of the best things about the springs is that there is tons of green grass and shade trees just up from the pools. This makes for the perfect place to lie in the sun, read, or nap. I suppose an ideal afternoon would be hopping in and out of the springs, drying in the grass in between rounds.