What do angry Frenchmen rap about?

Woke up at 8, ate breakfast, got ready and noticed more bumps all over my body. They were itchy so I put aloe vera gel on them. After breakfast I took Thomas down to the cabins to clean.


At first he played something he called, “music you like” which was Emenem, Black Eyed Peas and Shakira. I assumed I was supposed to like it because it was American. He was right, it was decent music.


Then I heard a beautiful piano intro followed by a slow, passionate french voice. I had no idea what the voice was saying but I could tell it was a love song. I tried to ask Thomas what it was called but he couldn't understand my question. Next I heard a French male voice. He was rapping. I couldn't help but laugh hysterically. I don't know why it was so funny. I guess I laughed for the same reason I did when I was twelve and discovered the Japanese version of “Barbie Girl.” It was funny because it was foreign.


When he noticed my laugh, Thomas explained that the french guy was talking about drugs even though he was using the words for soap and something else. They were french slang terms for drugs. I laughed to myself as I thought about the angry frenchmen rapping about his drug problems. French were usually so proper so this vision made me giggle.


A bit later Thomas asked me if Matthew was my boyfriend. I told him no and he said he didn't believe me. “Why not? He a beautiful boy and you a beautful girl. It should work.” I told him no and he told me to say “je t'aimeto Mat-chu. I said no and he laughed and thought it was funny that I didn't like the teasing.


We cleaned Cabin A and Cabin 1 in only an hour so we went back up to the hostel to get more supplies and keys. While I was there I stopped to make a milkshake for an order that Matthew and Yollana were working on, then it was back to the cabins.


The night before Yollana had told us to start doing the laundry down at the cabin washing machine instead of at the hostel. Her reasoning was that the hostel washer uses rain water and the cabin washer uses dam water. By using the cabin washer we would be prolonging our rain water supply. It was important to use the rain water sparingly because it was our main supply of water for drinking, cooking and showering. When we ran out of rain water we would have to purchase more water and that was not desirable for the business. For that reason the resort used dam water whenever it could—for flushing toilets, filling mop buckets and now for washing clothes.


Before Thomas and I went back down to the cabins Yollana explained to me how to jam the washing machine so we wouldn't have to pay the standard three dollars per wash.  It took Thomas and I a few minutes of jamming and prying but we finally got it.  


Next Thomas and I started on cabin 3.  I had just stripped the beds when Matthew called and said Yollana needed me back at the cafe. I walked back up and left Thomas cleaning.


Back at the cafe things were fairly slow. I helped take a few orders while Yollana and Matthew rushed around the kitchen. A teenage girl asked me what part of america I was from and when I said Oklahoma she was disappointed. “I thought you would be from California.”


After a bit of ordering and cleaning, I went next door to the hostel to get my laundry off the line and make myself some lunch. Thomas was eating his own lunch in the sun and watching a french movie on his laptop. He asked if I liked sports and I said yes. Golf, Yoga, running. He said yoga only counts a tiny bit.

His sports were extreme. Hang-gliding was his favorite. He showed me a video of him hang-gliding off a huge cliff near the Pacific Ocean.  He told me I had to try it. I agreed and went inside to heat up some soup. Inside Thomas showed me pictures of the animal sanctuary he visited in Melbourne. He got to kiss a kangaroo! He also got to hold a snake and a koala. I wanted to do that.

A bit later Matthew came in and ate his soup then I watched the ginger episode of Southpark with him before he went back to work and I went to relaxing.


I got my laptop and water bottle and sat on the hostel veranda to write while I watched for customers. After a few minutes of writing, Matthew asked me to watch while he jacked the car up on the side of the veranda using a piece of wood and a rock. “Redneck car jack” he called it.  Occasionally I had to look up from writing to see what Matthew was grunting about from underneath the car.


After an hour or so I went inside to put away laundry and get started on supper. Alex and I had discussed making a tuna salad to put on lettuce or toast. I grabbed a can of tuna, a bowl of crushed tomatoes from the fridge and one bag of pasta. I put a pot of water on the stove and went to the cafe while I waited for it to boil. In the cafe I grabbed a jar of mayonnaise, two carrots, a cucumber and an onion. When I got back Alex volunteered to cut the vegetables. Thomas volunteered to help but I told him it was his turn to relax because he had cooked the night before. He finally agreed and sat down to study his book of Australia.


I dumped the can of tuna in a large glass bowl, followed by several huge spoonfuls of mayonnaise. As Alex finished a vegetable she would scrape the diced pieces into the big glass bowl and I would stir. I went to the pantry and tried to make the best of our spice selection. I held out my hand a poured a small serving of chili powder in it. I had to be sneaky with the chili because Yollana had made it quite clear that she didn't like spicy food. I can respect that but I cannot respect food without flavor. I dashed in some black pepper, a handful of basil and a smidge of dried parsley. Alex continued to add chopped veggies to the concoction.


I then noticed the water boiling so I added half of the bag of pasta. I went between stirring the pasta and stirring the concoction for several minutes until both were done. After draining the pasta I poured it into the bowl as well and gave it one last final stir. Alex put some fresh lettuce in a bowl and we placed both servings on the dinner table. I then toasted several piece of bread while Alex sat the table with bowls and utensils.


Dinner was ready by 6:30 but Matthew was outside on the phone and Yollana was in her office probably on a phone call too. Alex and I were starving but we waited patiently. Around seven both Matthew and Yollana wandered in from different directions. We all sat down and thoroughly enjoyed a light supper. 

A close up of our Tuna Salad.

A close up of our Tuna Salad.


After dinner Yollana retired to her cabin and Matthew, Alex, Thomas and I enjoyed watching the movie, Ratatouille. We laughed as we compared the five-star kitchen to our own establishment. We decided Alex was the sous chef and Matthew was the head chef.


After the movie we made our way to our rooms. I hit the pillow with a smile on my face.