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Creative Confidence

Still living in fear?

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Haley Hoover

You have a bold, creative calling that you were put on this earth to accomplish.


You know this with absolute certainty, yet somehow you feel stuck as to how to get there.  The craziness of selling your product, staying creative and being yourself is all too much. The stress and confusion of it all is so distracting, you forget why you started this thing in the first place!
That’s where I come in.




Whether you’re a closet creator or a maker with a side-biz that seems bigger than your belief in yourself, I’m here to help you align and define that true confidence that comes from creating out of that space of total fulfillment.

I work with creative individuals who are scattered, frazzled and frustrated with where their life and business currently are.  Through a self-discovery journey, I help you take a step back, breathe, and find the bigger picture you’re aiming at – the heart of your message.  Then, together we will dig through the mental, spiritual and physical clutter that is holding you back from creating your own happy ending.



This you know. You have the passion, you get that tingly feeling in your body when you do it. You’re in the flow. It’s your zen, your happy place, your peace! If only you could do this for a lifetime…



As you move forward with your creativity the inevitable begins to happen. Your mind starts talking and suddenly it’s fear, doubts, insecurity and anxiousness. You’ll have to clear this mental clutter in order to move forward.



Your mind is right, but you still feel disconnected from that higher purpose. The craziness of day-to-day life distracts you and keeps you disconnected, yet that source that shows up in creative moments is what you aim to connect to daily.



Your mind, soul and creativity are all aligning now. You feel a message in your gut you know you’re meant to share with the world. This creative passion has suddenly turned into more than just a hobby…it’s now a calling.



You’ve blossomed into your full self. You feel good mentally and spiritually. Your creative juices are an extension of your soul’s message and now you want to design the ideal business to carry your calling out into the world, to enhance the life of both yourself and others.


Haley Hoover  , Creative Business Coach

Haley Hoover, Creative Business Coach


By the way, I’m Haley

I help creative business owners confidently communicate their soul-message with the world.

By uncovering your most authentic-self and your core message for creating, we can then transform your mindset and move through creative blocks, fears and frustrations.

With a thoughtful and intuitive approach, I help you connect your mission to your business so you can blossom into the fullest expression of yourself and your business.



If you are:

  • Wondering how to turn you passion into a successful business without losing your soul’s purpose.

  • Frustrated with your lack of consistency in sharing your big ideas

  • Seem to be out of alignment with yourself, your soul and your business.

  • Feeling “stuck” and unconnected with your selling and sharing.

I can assure you, I know how you feel and that’s why I’ve made this my life’s mission.

I want to help you become:

  • Connected and aligned with your soul-centered message across all areas of your business.

  • Bold and excited in sharing your creative ideas, products and services.

  • Clear and focused on how to move through your creative blocks

  • Excited and aligned with the business you are creating

I’d love to work with you and help you create your own happy ending!


As we go through life we way too easily pick up the baggage, expectations, hurts and fears of other people.

Subconsciously we shape our lives around these things.

We think we’re doing the right thing, following the right path, doing what’s best and expected of us…

…until one day we wake up and no longer recognize our own life.

We wonder what happened to that wild and free woman we always thought we’d grow up to be?

Why are you not creating any more?

Why did you stop expressing yourself?

What is holding you back from FINALLY going after that life long dream of pursuing your passion?

Fear. shame. guilt. anger. stress. time. exhaustion. limitations

All of these yucky things holding you back.

…and yet, who’s holding who?

What if I told you that you could just as easily let go of all these things?

What if you learned to release all the baggage, clutter and rubbish?

How would that feel?

How high would you fly?

Where would you go?

Oh darling, what would you do?



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Creative Coaching

Uncover the subconscious blocks that are keeping you small, stuck and scared. Receive personalized support on your journey.

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