Create your own happy ending

Design your dream life and business as we transform your reality through a mix of spiritual practice and self-discovery.


what are you waiting for?

Life is short, love. Why are you wasting time being frustrated, angry, stressed-out, irritated, shut-down, blocked-out and in total and complete unalignment with your highest self?

I believe you are meant for something incredible. You believe it too, deep down.

You’re more than just a slave to the big man, working away your life just to get by on a few paid bills and a nice bank account.

You know there’s more out there for you. You’re soul isn’t meant to feel empty and your senses aren’t meant to stay dull. You’re meant for complete clarity, atonement and beauty and expansion. You’re not meant to be a peasant, because you have a deep message to share with the world and your heart won’t stop until you do.

You’re probably constantly second-guessing yourself. Is this the right career path? Are you supposed to live here? Why do I feel so miserable if everything looks so shiny good on the outside? What is missing? Is it me? Is it he? It is just the way things are?

Navigating life at any stage is a struggle. But you know, once you break through the clutter, dust and rubbish, I believe you can see yourself in a a whole new light and you truly can create the happy ending of your dreams.

your divine power, complete satisfaction and ultimate healing is closer than you think.


As we go through life we way too easily pick up the baggage, expectations, hurts and fears of other people.

Subconsciously we shape our lives around these things.

We think we’re doing the right thing, following the right path, doing what’s best and expected of us…

…until one day we wake up and no longer recognize our own life.

We wonder what happened to that wild and free woman we always thought we’d grow up to be?

Why are you not creating any more?

Why did you stop expressing yourself?

What is holding you back from FINALLY going after that life long dream of pursuing your passion?

Fear. shame. guilt. anger. stress. time. exhaustion. limitations

All of these yucky things holding you back.

…and yet, who’s holding who?

What if I told you that you could just as easily let go of all these things?

What if you learned to release all the baggage, clutter and rubbish?

How would that feel?

How high would you fly?

Where would you go?

Oh darling, what would you do?

How much more beautiful would the world be if you started the ripple of authenticity?

How would it feel to get back into your own skin?

..To really enjoy life and laugh from your deepest belly?

…to spend your days doing what brings you pure joy rather than what pays the bills? fill up other people out of the overflow of your love rather than from the leftover empty bits?

What would it mean for you to get happy, get clear and step into laser-focused clarity on going after the life you’ve always dreamt of?

Matter of fact, how powerful would it be for you to merely ALLOW yourself to DREAM passionately again, rather than shooting yourself down over and over again before you even get started?

If this is speaking to your deepest, truest desires, please consider.


This is perfect for you if..

  • You’re tired of feeling stuck, frazzled and fearful of moving forward with your passion.

  • You’re sick of feeling disconnect between your life’s purpose and the reality in front of you.

  • You’re COMMITTED to making your creative passion a success story!


Grant Hoover

Grant Hoover

Grant Hoover
Providence Church Frisco

“Haley helped me break down this wall of fear that was keeping me from sharing my work. I left the conversation with a solid strategy on how to see my ideas come to fruition as well as a renewed sense of confidence in my work. I highly recommend Haley’s coaching service because it is personally tailored to what you want to do with your creative ideas. She will not disappoint!”



Your Personal Minimalism Coach
Author of Less: Minimalism for Real

“During our first session, Haley quickly helped me recognize areas where I am holding myself back in terms of creativity in my business. She helped me see where I am letting fear keep me from contributing to the world in the way I want.”

Rose Lounsbury

Rose Lounsbury

Jacinta Hooper

Jacinta Hooper

Jacinta Hooper
Educator on Women's Health & Positive Living

“Haley helped me to see that I was turning my business into something harder than it had to be, because I was focused on my to-do list and I didn't realise I was stepping away from my intuition about where the business needed to go and how it needed to serve and help people.”


Why Me?


My coaching program is built on years of creative research and transformation.

I’ve studied this topic for over a decade and have written dozens of articles on the topic.

I’ve spent a fortune educating myself and I’ve wasted years trying to be the perfect woman who might achieve perfect success one day, only to realize I was going about it all wrong.

I was still doing it for other people, and that completely threw off my soul’s original intent in creating.

If you want to re-connect to yourself in a creative, passionate way, then I’d love to work with you one-on-one to help you uncover the bigger picture behind your business. I promise you I’ll be with you every step of the way as we work together to create the business you desire.”

—Haley Hoover


  • Graduate of I Heart Coaching with Emily Williams

  • Millionaire Club Member (Emily Williams)

  • I Heart Money Graduate

  • The Money Codes Grad (Samantha Blossom)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations

  • Over 10 yrs experience in healing work, spiritual/psychology/creativity research and self-development


What’s possible for you:

  • Let go of fear and let your business BLOSSOM

  • Feel good about the message you’re sharing with the world

  • Complete a project you love! (No more stopping half-way through)

  • Let go of those nasty feelings that say you aren’t aligned

  • Stop wasting energy worrying about what other people will think of your work

  • Allow the process of your work to create the feelings you truly desire

  • Learn how to share your message with ease and confidence

We will work one-on-one in the weekly calls so we can dig deep into exactly what you are struggling with and how to specifically achieve the one goal you set out to accomplish over the 6-week period.


Create your own happy ending

In my Creative Coaching program, “Create your own happy ending”, we will work 1-on-1 to uncover the disconnect between your soulful, spiritual, creative, brilliant self and the facade you’ve fallen into.

We’ll dig deep to uncover why you fear new growth and work together to move past these blocks. Through multiple methods and individual attention, I promise to move you

from scared stuck

to fancy free

and full of holy fire.


What’s the process?


1. Discovery Call

We will start by booking a discovery call today or as soon as your ready! This is a quick, 15-30 minute informal phone call that helps me assess if you are a good fit for the program or not. I’ll ask you a few questions and allow you time to ask me any questions you may have as well. By the end of the call we will both know a lot more about one another. Should we both wish to move forward, you’ll then make your payment and we will begin the process together.

2. Intro session & Assessment

Our first call will dive a little deeper into you and what you are working on as far as creative projects go. I’ll ask you to pick your highest priority over our time together, and we’ll incorporate that goal into the personalized work and homework I assign you. I’ll also hold space for you to share anything you think I might need to know during our time together. (Specific goals of yours or things you might want to focus on.)

3. Self-discovery coaching

During this portion of the work we will do Self-Discovery Coaching in which we start by nailing down your dreams (dream big exercise + workbook // plus, personal discussion around your dreams). We will collaborate in heavy brainstorming and flow jamming about what exactly your happy ending looks like. Afterwards I will lead you in a guided creative visualization to deepen your connection to your dream and help root it into your senses and begin the manifestation and creation of this desire for your life.

4. art therapy // Creative interpretation

Next we will work together to create a physical and visual representation of your dream life. This might be anything from a vision board, art project or creative assignment I create for your specific personality. We’ll work together through this process to watch as you begin to clearly create a representation of your deepest desires. This is a HUGE step!!

5. Manifestation // Calling it in

Once we have a physical replica and a firm, mental foundation, we will then turn that vision into a daily meditation practice that continuously calls in the desire. I’ll guide you through creating positive affirmations and guided meditations to call upon your highest power. We will also learn about the art of  transformational journaling and how to use that for your advantage

6. Decluttering // releasing baggage // letting go of fears 

I will work with you through using a mix of 1:1 coaching, creative visualization and journaling prompts to uncover the fears/judgements/guilt/shame/limiting beliefs that need to be released to welcome in this new life vision. Together we’ll go through things like:

>Building the TRUST muscle

>Strengthening your intuition

>Have FUN creating a life you love!!

Together all of these steps and personalized coaching will result in one magnificent act:




Invest in yourself

I know it’s often hard to justify spending money on yourself, but in my experience, money is energy and if you never put any energy, effort, time or resources into your creative desires, all they will ever be is just a pipe dream. Show the world you’re ready to take yourself seriously by investing in your passion. All you need to get started is a commitment from yourself in the form of time and energy:

Six weeks + $1200

This is set up so you can learn and grow while also continuing to live your day-to-day life.

But seriously, what’s more important than crafting your best life?

Can you literally name anything more worthy of spending time and money on?

Isn’t this the most precious thing you have? Your limited time on earth. Your one and only LIFE.

step into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

transform your mind, soul and spirit in 6-weeks of personalized work.

or 3 payments of $425


What do you have to lose?

You’re unhappy.

You’re wavering in your confidence.

Deep down your scared sh*tless that this sad existence is going to be your forever if you don’t make a change.

Well guess what.

It’s up to YOU and ONLY YOU to make that change.

You asked for it.

The Universe sent you HERE.

The offer has been presented to you on a silver platter.

Will you choose to accept?

Haley Hoover

At the very least, book a no-pressure, no strings attached discovery call to learn more. Can you at least give yourself that?

Take the first act of faith now.

Book a discovery call today.

Do you still wanna be where you are now in 3 months?

If no, you know what to do.