Never too late

An 88-year-old man gets his first tattoo in Austin, Texas. Couple of 36 years moves across the country for new scenery. Woman pursues her dreams and becomes wildly successful. These are the headlines worth reading, they grab our attention and make us want to get down to living the best life possible.


Recently, I found myself reading an article in Texas Coop Power magazine titled “Pop and Spike.” The story is of an elderly man, who after losing his wife in their lifetime home-state of Indiana, packed up shop and moved to Texas where he started a whole new life with all new characters. I was so inspired by his story. Who says we can't shake things up at any age? Why shouldn't I finish that project?

Original art by Haley Hoover, 2017.  Prints available on request:

Original art by Haley Hoover, 2017.  Prints available on request:


Traditionalism sometimes makes it hard for us to see the variety of options that lay before us at any given time. We assume because we have a job we have to stay there forever or we assume that the place we call home will always be such. So many times, we lie to ourselves saying we're too old or too dumb or too ugly to do something in the present moment.


We push things under the surface, or to the back closet, and decide we'd be better off not trying. That's the safe way to play, isn't it?


But safe never made any headlines. And safe never shattered any limits or broke any records. As someone who is constantly striving to create the life I want, I know what it's like to feel helpless or insignificant. I also know what it's like to be stuck in a situation you don't want to be in. But neither of these things truly have power over us.


When the walls close in around us, it's important to remember that there is always room for change and improvement. Some of the most beautiful stories blossom out of a small step towards change. It is within us all to constantly stay growing and moving towards our own destiny.


These small brave steps towards my purpose are exactly what I will be focusing on in the new year. I'm tired of using my age, my current location and my lack of experience as excuses for why I can't begin doing the work I desire to do.


So what have you been pushing off? What are you running from or hiding from? What can you start doing today that will lead you back towards that thing in a bold and ambitious way?  

Try putting one of those steps into action. It's never too late to get started.