Circling Back

It's funny how life brings things in and out of your focus. Like a shifting tide our priorities, thoughts and goals can change in an instant. Sometimes we forget our past goals and ideas altogether, yet at other times our creator within leads us back to that same source, that same passion, that same idea that captivated us in an earlier time.

Haley Hoover original art. 2017.  Prints available upon request.

Haley Hoover original art. 2017.  Prints available upon request.


Recently I have experience this phenomenon of “circling back” to an earlier passion and idea.

Before I moved to Australia – well before my focus became moving to Australia – I was working very hard on a project filed under the alias, “The Sparkling Hippie.” Yes, I realize that is the name of the blog from which you are reading from. I also realize that TSH is no longer much of an alias as most of you know my real identity. That is because TSH has shifted and changed to fit my life, rather than staying true to the project I intended on it becoming. Part of this is because I needed an outlet to share my travel stories on and this was perfect because everything was already in place.


Currently, I've been back from Australia for about ten months and I've been back from my Europe expedition for about three months. Throughout this entire time period I have been wandering around aimlessly, trying to figure out what my next blog move would be. I've tried different topics, I've thought about travel blogging from a stationary position and I've even thought about scrapping my blog altogether and beginning a new one. The problem was, I couldn't quite find my niche. What was that one topic I wanted to excel at? What was the one message I needed to share in order to help the world?


These are the questions I've been asking myself for months. I've been so hopeless and clueless as to what I wanted to do.


So I sat down with myself and a notebook and I wrote like crazy. I wrote ideas and themes and blog posts I needed to share with the world.


I saw a vision again.


I knew where I wanted to take my blog.


A new dream was ignited and I could see clearly in the direction I needed to walk towards.


I thought I had a great epiphany about all this – that was – until I sat down at my laptop and realized I already had files and files on this very vision. In fact, I had already put a tremendous amount of effort into this vision years earlier. I simply..forgot.


As I dug through my computer files I found several ebooks I had already made. I found blog posts, designs and templates all catered towards the same idea I have currently been focusing on.

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I believe that life brings us back around to our purpose, many times over. When you are born to do something, you feel it in your bones and you'll always be brought back to it.


There is nothing telling me I have to pursue this dream – nothing except the burning desire within myself – and to that self I must be true.


So just what is my big idea?   Well, I'm glad you asked.

My dream is and has been to share inspiring messages with the world about how to ditch the life they think they have to live and start running full speed towards the life they want.


So many times we unknowingly let our parents, our friends, society and everyone else dictate our thoughts and feelings towards our own life. We allow their influence to sway us in such away that we end up feeling lost, confused and bored with our own life. How easily we forget that life is ours and the choice to change it is ours too!


Through practicing self-love, prayer, meditation and creativity, I believe we can encourage one another towards being the truest version of ourselves. Though it is scary at first, a few baby steps and consistent encouragement are all it takes to get started on a personal path to freedom.


In a way, this very journey I have been walking is what will help me help others. I wanted to share this with you because my blog will soon be changing shape, from one focused on my travel stories, to one focused on helping others blossom into their full selves.


If you've joined this mailing list solely for the travel stories, you may want to unsubscribe now. However, if you want to journey with me and many others towards a more passionate and confident lifestyle, feel free to keep hanging on! I may be slow and shaky at first, but over time I am confident that this will be the purpose that fuels me again and again.


So how can you help?

Start by forwarding this post to anyone you know who might be interested. Do you know someone with a dream to be better? Are there friends or family in your life who are young, unsure of themselves and wondering what their next step is? College students and young professionals seem to be the most common examples of this but people of all ages are welcome to join this journey. Forward this message to anyone you might want to encourage so they too can join the mailing list and get tuned-in.


I also appreciate your prayer and support as I continue to get myself back on track with the topics at hand.

Thanks in advance for your love! I look forward to stepping into this with boldness and vulnerability.