The Sparkling Hippie's Guide to Kangaroo Island: Parndarna Wildlife Park

The Parndarna Wildlife Park is an excellent way to get some face time with real Australian wildlife, especially if you aren't in to fighting crowds in a big city park. Visitors of all ages can enjoy themselves at this attraction and the value for the price is perfect for backpackers on a budget.


What to Expect:

The Parndarna Wildlife Park is smaller than most parks but it still packs a big punch. When you go through admissions you can pick up a free bag of food for the animals. My friend and I used this throughout the park for feeding kangaroos, wallabies, quokkas and other animals.

I visited the park during the winter season so I felt as though my friend and I received a personal tour with the guides. We watched them as they fed koalas, penguins and seagulls. The guides were happy to answer our questions and give us extra information on the animals we were viewing.

The park is self-guided and full of surprised on every turn. There is a wing for reptiles, a paddock of roos and wallabies and plenty of parrots and other birds. I enjoyed seeing assorted kookaburras up close.


Haley's Recommendation:

For twenty dollars you can take pictures of yourself holding a koala. (This works best if you take a friend who can work the camera while you hold the koala.) The holding session lasts several minutes and you are allowed to take as many pictures as you like on your camera or phone. My friend and I had a blast taking pictures of each other holding Blue, the friendly koala. In between snaps the guides gave us interesting facts about Blue and his relatives. This experience is definitely worth the twenty bucks.

FYI: Wild koalas do not like to be held. Trying to hold a wild koala can result in serious injury. The twenty dollar fee is much cheaper than a hospital bill.



$20 to enter. $20 to hold a koala.



Located just 3km west of Parndarna on Playford Highway.



Open 9am-5pm daily. For more information check out the KI Wildlife Park website.