Creative Confidence Coaching

It’s time to ditch the stumbling blocks and finally make your creative practice a priority!"


You deserve to live out your biggest creative dream. If you’re ready to focus on your goals, ditch the fear and get serious about going after your ideal creative calling, this program is for you.

In my Creative Confidence Coaching program, we will work 1-on-1 to uncover what’s stopping you and how you can move past those annoying blocks. Our individual work is coupled with lessons and assignments you’ll study on your own and report back on.


This is perfect for you if..

You’re tired of not following through with your biggest dreams.

You’re sick of disappointing yourself over and over again.

You’re COMMITTED to making your creative passion a success story!

You’re willing to do what it takes to see a change in your current situation.

What’s included:


Module 1: Train your Brain

We’ll dig into the mindset work needed to move past the blocks we create for ourselves. Based on multiple books, research, courses and experience, I’ll show you exactly what works to train your brain to operate in a way that benefits you and your art.


Module 2: Demolishing Creativity Killers

In this module we will identify and demolish the four common creativity killers: comparison, judgement, perfectionism and rejection. Based off of the framework in module1, you’ll learn how to best step over these hurdles when they arise in your practice.


Module 3: Hold on loosely, but don’t let go

In module 3 we’re going to focus on putting the fun back in creation. We will examine your creative process and focus on creating a more positive, uplifting experience from beginning to end.




Providence Church Frisco

“As I walked away from our coaching session I was blown away by how knowledgeable and helpful Haley was. Haley is talented at asking the right questions to get a clear idea of what it was that I wanted to do. My goal is to revitalize the blog page at my church. Haley helped me get my own ideas flowing as I discovered the vision I had for this project. I was most impressed at Haley’s ability to diagnose and treat my fear of others seeing my blog posts. Haley helped me break down this wall of fear that was keeping me from sharing my work. I left the conversation with a solid strategy on how to see my ideas come to fruition as well as a renewed sense of confidence in my work. I highly recommend Haley’s coaching service because it is personally tailored to what you want to do with your creative ideas. She will not disappoint!”



Your Personal Minimalism Coach
Author of Less: Minimalism for Real

“During our first session, Haley quickly helped me recognize areas where I am holding myself back in terms of creativity in my business. She helped me see where I am letting fear keep me from contributing to the world in the way I want. Her thoughtful, friendly approach put me immediately at ease. She's an incredibly good listener and I felt like she could see me--my struggles, strengths, and roadblocks--in just 45 minutes. It was kind of amazing! I hired her for six more coaching sessions on the spot. If you are looking for someone who can help you move past your creative blocks--in business or in life--Haley is the woman you want!”


Why Me?

  • I didn’t go to art school

  • I’m not professionally trained

  • In fact, I pretty much just do my own thing and you can too, that’s why I’m here.

“Too many times we let societal standards and the opinions of others influence our sub-conscious to the extent that our self-confidence goes out the door — at least that’s what I used to think.


Since then I’ve learned that society and my teachers and my employers and my parents aren’t in control of my life and blaming them and everyone else for my lack of success in accomplishing my biggest creative desire, doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t even make me feel better.

You see, when we blame outside influences for the unhappiness we experience in our life, we are taking on a victim mentality. Meaning, we see ourselves as a powerless victim, uncapable of taking control of our own life. This type of thinking keeps us in shame, discontentment and can often lead to unhappiness or depression.

For years I used the tagline “Create your own happy ending.” I wrote stories about fictional characters who did this. I wrote dozens of blog posts on the topic and I genuinely thought I understood that I was in control of my success. Yet, somehow I was still stuck working for someone else. I was still dissatisfied with my circumstances and my everyday life experiences. Why did I feel stuck? How come every time I tried to reach for my dreams I felt a huge wall go up that I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to go around.

I quit multiple jobs in lieu of long-term traveling, yet I came back home to the same scenario over and over again. Something. had. to. change!!

That’s when I discovered the mindset work that would teach me step-by-step how to clear the wall in front of me and demolish it forever.

Creative Confidence Coaching is more than a few therapeutic phone calls. My program walks you through the exact steps I used to transform my mindset from one of victimhood to one of success and confidence. I’m now proud to say I’m living my biggest, wildest dreams and I’m having fun doing it! I want nothing more than to share this feeling with you. You deserve to feel free and happy and totally connected to the life of your choosing.

My coaching program is built on years of creative research. I’ve studied this topic for over a decade and have written hundreds of articles on the topic. I’ve spent a fortune educating myself and I’ve wasted years trying to be the perfect woman who might achieve perfect success one day, only to realize I was going about it all wrong. I was still doing it for other people, and that positioned me as a victim, rather than a victor.

Over a three-month program, we’ll dive deep into your own stumbling blocks. We’ll tackle common self-induced blocks such as perfectionism, fear of judgement and not feeling “good enough” to create or share your work. We will also look into other common blocks about not having enough time or money to invest in our greatest desires.

If you want to get over your hurdles, accomplish your goals and feel more creative and confident in your journey, then I’d love to work with you one-on-one to help you uncover your creative confidence. I promise you I’ll be with you every step of the way as we work together to create the life you desire. If you’re interested in participating in this program, click the button below for a free discovery call today!”

What’s possible for you:

  • Ditch the fear and start creating passionately and boldly

  • Get over you perfectionism and begin enjoying your process

  • Complete a project you love! (No more stopping half-way through)

  • Let go of those nasty feelings that say you aren’t good enough

  • Stop wasting energy worrying about what other people will think of your work

  • Allow the process of your work create the feelings you truly desire

  • Learn how to share your art with ease and confidence

As a personal incentive, we will work one-on-one in the weekly calls so we can dig deep into exactly what you are struggling with and how to specifically achieve the one goal you set out to accomplish over the 90-day period.


How does coaching work?

1. Discovery Call

We will start by booking a discovery call today or as soon as your ready! This is a quick, informal phone call that helps me assess if you are a good fit for the program or not. I’ll ask you a few questions and allow you time to ask me any questions you may have as well. By the end of the call we will both know a lot more about one another. Should we both wish to move forward, you’ll then make your payment and we will begin the process together.

2. Intro session & Assessment

Our first call will dive a little deeper into you and what you are working on as far as creative projects goal. I’ll ask you to pick your highest priority goal for the next 3-months, which will be incorporated into the coursework and homework I assign you. I’ll also give a quick rundown about how the program works and what you can expect over the time we share together.

3. 1 monthly module + homework and assignments

At the beginning of each month I will personally send you a module that contains insight, lessons and tips that I’d like you to focus on for that time-period. This is the real gravy sauce that helped me get my wheels turning! These are self-guided but also a requirement for the program. I would allow one hour per week to read through the material and an additional few minutes each day to focus on implementing the exercises. When we have our personal call, we will discuss any questions you may have and also assess how the exercises are working or not working for you and your specific goal.

4. three (1 hr phone calls) each month

This is your opportunity to personally discuss what you are working through in regards to the homework and modules each week. We’ll go over the exercises assigned and I may add some additional content as needed per individual client. Phone calls will be coordinated with both of our schedules as best as possible.

Invest in yourself

I know it’s often hard to justify spending money on yourself, but in my experience, money is energy and if you never put any energy, effort, time or resources into your creative desires, all they will ever be is just a pipe dream. Show the world you’re ready to take yourself seriously by investing in your passion. Here’s the detailed break-down of what you’ll get:

  • 9 (1 hr) one-on-one calls

    3 calls per month x 3 months

  • 4 Modules to study on your own

    Lessons and helpful tips


    Journaling Prompts

  • Links to all my favorite creative confidence resources





  • Personalized phone and computer backgrounds to keep you on track


(You save $53)


3 payments of $350

Let’s do some simple math. If you pay $997, that is divided up into $332 per month. That’s 3 phone calls for $332 or $110 per session.

I promise you, 100% that you will receive more than $110 worth of content in every single coaching session. Not only will I be helping you one-on-one but I will also be preparing homework and worksheets for you to complete in between our calls so we can make the most of each other’s time.
This is set up so you can learn and grow while also having a real-life person to ask questions to as you need assistance.

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Haley Hoover

“Ask yourself, in 3-months do you want to look back and wish you would’ve made the jump, or do you want to look back with pride on how far you’ve come as an artist?”

— Haley Hoover, The Sparkling Hippie