Hey there soul-sis!

 I’m so glad you found me.  I can’t wait to see what kind of funky stuff we create together!

I’m guessing you are a passionate creator who wants to live out her BIGGEST and BRIGHTEST creative dreams!  I think that’s beautiful!  But what’s stopping you?  Why aren’t you just doing the dern thing already?

Let me guess.  Fear.  The illusion of perfection.  You’re worried about the judgement of others.  Or my favorite, you don’t feel “good enough” to go after what you want.

 I hear ya, sister.  Believe me, I’ve spent my fair share of time lost in the woods, wondering how to get to my creative destiny.  It was so close, so obvious, so crystal-ball clear and yet I just couldn’t get to it.  I nearly went INSANE!  Can you relate? 

Multiple times I woke up and found myself in a life path that wasn’t headed to the magical wonderland train station I was focused on.  So, I kind of began a yo-yo pattern between chasing after my dreams and living the responsible life that society prefers.  I quit college then went back, got a real job, then quit to move to Australia – all of this in red hot pursuit of that creative passion that fuels me day and night and never leaves!

So what ultimately changed the tracks for me?  Well, years of study, coaching, books, classes and exercises and finally I realized there was only one thing stopping me from reaching my biggest dreams.


That’s right girl, more likely than not, your problem isn’t that you didn’t go to a professional art college, or that you used the wrong color on your canvas or that you’re not pretty enough or skilled enough or rich enough or whatever enough.  The problem is that deep little sub conscious of yours piping off ridiculous lies every time you get ready to try something brave.

If you’re sick of the struggle, tired of your own hurdles and ready to get out of your own way, then read on, my friend.  I have lots of tools, tips and programs to help you get unstuck, creative, confident and overwhelmingly connected to your purest passion!


Haley Hoover

Haley Hoover.

Impassioned creator.  Flower Child born in the wrong decade.  Teaching you Creative Confidence.



I am a creative who was totally born in the wrong decade.  I listen to Fleetwood Mac, Joe Walsh and Tom Petty.  I read books about the Summer of Love.  I watch docos on Woodstock and San Fransisco in the 1960's.  

Aside from studying the counter-culture generation, I spend lots of time in my painting room painting bold, playful objects such as guitars and Volkswagen busses.  >>>Check out my hippie art here.

I believe there are no rules in art, life or business -- and so that must make me some kind of anti-artist or something.  But who says it has to look a certain way?  Shouldn't our creations be as unique and as personal as each and every one of us?

My story is about finding the ultimate happy ending, no--not a soulmate-- but a soul.  I believe creativity, spirituality and travel are tools we can use to help become the most authentic version of ourselves. 

Perhaps you too, have a voice inside you telling you to go do something brave.  What's it saying?  Take that first brave step by writing it down in an email and sending it my way.  Together we can shake the crummy dust off our boots and change the world!

Learn how I can help you get over your fears of judgement, perfectionism and not feeling “good enough” to promote or share your creative treasures right over here >>

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